Truly comprehensive energy-efficiency solutions

Advanced Energy Innovations, Inc. provides comprehensive solutions for saving energy, generating immediate bottom-line impact, and realizing substantial long-term return on investment.

We take a holistic view of energy efficiency, examining everything on your site that consumes or potentially wastes energy. Work begins with our proprietary E3 audit that identifies opportunities for saving energy, expense, and the environment. We evaluate lighting, HVAC, windows, insulation, roofing, building mechanics and motors, compressed air systems, water systems and options for alternative energy. Our engineers and consultants also look at human behaviors when designing customized recommendations.

We then go one step further by creating a long-term system operating plan that forecasts future operating expenses and maintenance. Clients gain an accurate understanding of both immediate and longterm energy and maintenance savings.

Client satisfaction defines our measure of success. Whether they’re looking to lower energy costs, seek LEED certification, or reduce their company’s carbon footprint, we work as your advocate to identify the right solution.


“Our Board was somewhat skeptical when Advanced Energy Innovations and I presented a program to reduce energy spending by 30%, which is turning out to be a conservative estimate.”  ~ Dan Drahos, Chief Engineer, ABM Engineering



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Our Vision

At Advanced Energy Innovations (AEI), we embrace a vision beyond reason – we want to help you change the world. We believe that by matching your needs with our experience we can do more than save money. While financial return on investment is a primary motivation for considering energy innovations, the ability to improve the outlook of climatic, political, and
social systems is within sight.

From The Board

Cindy Patterson – CEO “Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Although our staff brings decades of experience to the table, we strive to approach each customer need both with objectivity and without a laissez-faire “seen it all before” attitude. If you ever feel we are failing at either of these goals please feel free to contact me.


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