Truly Comprehensive Energy-Efficiency Solutions

Advanced Energy Innovations (AEI) provides comprehensive solutions for saving energy, generating immediate bottom-line impact, and realizing substantial long-term return on investment. We take a holistic view of energy efficiency, examining everything on your site that consumes or potentially wastes energy.

An Advocate for your energy savings

We work as an Advocate on behalf of each client to exceed specific energy-efficiency goals. Our expertise qualifies us to act as client advocate in many different ways. Sometimes a client requests an independent audit required for a tax rebate. Other times, we only write or review bid specs for a large retrofit project. However, clients benefit most when they utilize the comprehensive suite of services we offer. With the client’s goals as our own, we:

  • Identify and evaluate a full range of energy-efficient solutions
  • Build a financial projection of savings and true cost of ownership
  • Deliver the highest possible local utility incentives and tax rebates to offset costs
  • Manage construction to ensure specs are met
  • Train key staff on maintenance and modified behaviors
  • Conduct post-installation audits and prepare reports