Feasibility                          Audit                  Construction                    Trending

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A four step process:

Step 1 – Feasibility

Benchmarking & Feasibility is always the first step for comprehensive and sound energy management of a building or portfolio of buildings.  Without knowing where the building stands today, not only compared to the Energy Star database, but also compared to your peer buildings locally, nationally and with the same weather patterns, etc, the building owner or operator cannot properly evaluate their building’s existing efficiency.  This is detailed Benchmarking.

The Feasibility process evaluates the building itself, the equipment within the building, the operational issues, the environmental concerns and most importantly, the financial concerns.  How efficiently is the building and equipment operating today, what is driving the decision to evaluate the building from an environmental concern as well as financially?

Step 2 – Audit

Audits and/or RCx Scoping Studies for the following energy systems based on data gathered during Step 1:

  • Lighting and Control Systems
  • HVAC Systems Including Plants, Chillers & Boilers
  • Building Envelope Including Windows & Roofing
  • Building Mechanics and Motorized Systems
  • EMS/EMCS Systems
  • Compressed Air & Gas Systems
  • Water, Plumbing, and Irrigation Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy options

Once the field process and data gathering is complete using our proprietary handheld audit tools, then the modeling and reporting is finalized and presented to the client with estimated Step 3 costs.

Step 3 – Construction (or Contracting)

  • Open Book Project Management
  • Open Book construction Management

Step 4 – Trending (M&V)

  • Monitoring and Verification of energy savings carried out for 1-year or to the end of any financing term