Advanced Energy Innovations (AEI) is your advocate for EVERYTHING energy related, but when you have done this as long as we have you know that not everything falls into a nice, tidy category. Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Who should I turn to when I review this stack of proposals?
  • Is my utility rate correct for my site or do I qualify for a different rate structure?
  • Does this project qualify for any utility incentives or tax deductions?
  • Should I do this entire project or develop a long-term plan?
  • Will this energy saving / producing product really pay for itself like the proposal says?
  • Does this energy saving / producing product really do what the salesperson says?
  • Does this turn-key contract have any guarantees?
  • Who is going to manage this project?

If you have even pondered any of these things, let us help you. Our team of consultants includes Professional Engineers (P.E.), Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Contractors, and Architects. We commit to providing cost-effective solutions specific to your unique circumstances.